Meet Sublimation Printers and Make Promotional Customized T-shirts!

Do you like customized T-shirts? Who doesn’t like it? 

Thinking about it, let’s explain how these are made at Stork Promotional Products, a sublimation print factory in Thailand, also introducing the sublimation printer.

This printer works on a wide variety of surface types and is the task of a sub-climatic printer. It can offer a high performance in producing personalized gifts and promotional objects one by one.

Sublimation printers use inkjets (the same as multifunction printers). The cartridges can have a different attachment to various types of surfaces, such as mugs, plastic surfaces, dishes, glass, and fabrics, among many others.

Here is a huge listing of great sublimation printers. Major brands producing quality sublimated printers are Epson brand. They have high-performance models in sublimated printing. 

The sublimation printers are easy-to-handle capable of high-quality printing and performance unmatched by any other machine.

Most sublimation printers work best with Bulk ink technology, which consists in adapting larger ink reservoirs than conventional cartridges. They allow more prints and longer toner life to produce more parts and more value for you. 

But, perfect installation of bulk ink cartridges is important to ensure superior or equal quality to standard factory cartridges. 

So turn to the experts at Stork Promotional Products, a sublimation print factory in Thailand and inquire about customized T-shirts!

Like all printers, sublimation printers work with primary colors, namely CMYK – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. Together, all of these colors, they can produce any kind of landscape or image. 

These colors work together to produce all kinds of print quality color. They work with the pixels together to unify the dots of an image and provide optimal coverage of any type of surface as we mentioned above.

Contact us today and learn about all the innovations in the printing world to use to your advantage. 

We can help you achieve your desired success by providing and producing your sublime prints with quality. Now that you know what sublimation printer is, ask our experts what they can produce for you!