Laser Transfer or Sublimation – Which One is the Best?

Often there is still doubt about using laser transfer or sublimation printing in your business of sublimation printed shirts.

It is also common to think of the choice wondering what would be the best process.

Let’s talk about this subject in this article. The actual question is: Does the shirt printing looks best with an inkjet printer or laser printer? 

First, we need to understand the difference between the two processes.

Knowing these differences, you can choose to use laser transfer or sublimation printed shirts in your business.

Or even use both!

Laser transfer is a special paper that must be printed with a laser printer. The printer uses the plastic base powder to paint the image.

When time, temperature and pressure are applied, this plastic base that was printed on the paper is transferred to the shirt.

This product does not need any special treatment.

You can, for example, buy a simple shirt or mug from a supermarket and customize it using a laser transfer.

As it is an application on a surface without any kind of treatment, it may have certain fragility and can be removed with the nail for example.

Sublimation is another type of process.

It occurs when we use sublimation ink and print on sublimation paper.

When we apply time, temperature and pressure, the sublimation ink goes into gaseous state and dyes the shirt that needs to be printed with sublimation printing.

Using the same example, sublimation printed shirts or mugs receive a resin treatment where the sublimation ink will anchor.

As the sublimation ink dyes the resin that was applied to the shirt, it ends up having longer durability.

Laser transfer or sublimation – The choice

The most important thing to consider is that there is no better process than another.

There are possibilities and limitations of each of them.

Sublimation, because it is a process where shirts are special and consequently more expensive, is recommended for custom or promotion products, where the added value is higher.

With laser transfer, the application can be performed on conventional products, without any kind of treatment. 

The main decision to make is the definition of which product you want to produce, for which customer and in which market.

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