What is Sublimation Print?

To get a better understanding of what a sublimation printing is we will explain more about it on this page.

The process of sublimation simply means printing a special kind of ink (sublimation ink) onto sublimation transfer paper and onto the product. This way the product and ink in fact become one. It is not printed on top of the shirt like it is the case with the more traditional way of inkjet printing.

A very positive aspect about sublimation printing is that texts and images printed will not get off or fade after washing and wearing a shirt many times! It’s also softer to touch, feels way smoother and the result is simply great!

A more technical story about sublimation printing down here (in short):

The ink is heat pressed onto a shirt, cup/ mug or other product. The pores of (for example) a shirt open because of the heat and after it reaches a certain (very high) temperature the ink becomes gas. The transfer paper used is pressed onto the item and then pressure will be released. The temperature will go down and the ink becomes ‘fluid’ again inside the pores of a shirt.   
Sublimation ink works best on light colored or white substrates to get the best effects. Images printed on dark garments are not transferred very well. The process of sublimation printing is only possible on 100% polyester fabrics.

It’s not rocket science but still it’s a unique way of printing and a way of printing Stork Promotional Products values a lot!

What is sublimation Print?

After reading this article we hope you understand more about sublimation printing. If there are still some questions about our production technology. Maybe we can answer your questions.

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